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Health & Lifestyle Coaching

12 weeks

1 hour per week

In person/Online via Zoom

Small group (up to 5 people) or 1:1

Mindset, Motivation & Habit Formation


Movement & Exercise

Sleep & Stress



1) Watch the Expectations Video

(which includes your first experiment... Hydration)









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2) Decide what level of accountability you'd like:

Self Led (£160, which is £13.30 per week)- take yourself through the program at your own pace, without a coach. 

Small Group (£240, which is £20 per week)- up to five people in a group, alongside your coach. Learn from others and share your experiences as we go along. 

1:1 (£549, which is £45.75 per week)- just yourself and your coach, for a more personalised experience. 

3) Create a Wellbeing People Account (using the link I send you) and complete your Baseline Questionnaire & Metrics. 

4) Dedicate one hour per week, on Zoom or in person...

Week 1: Mindset, Motivation & Goal Setting.

Week 2: Nutrients vs Calories

Week 3: Hunger, Energy & Cravings Management

Week 4: Movement Medicine

Week 5: Sleeping for Success

Week 6: Habit Cycles

Week 7: Building Easy Exercise Habits

Week 8: Stress, Resilience & Mental Fitness

Week 9: Master your Time

Week 10: Nutrition- The Gut Microbiome

Week 11: The Happiness Blueprint

Week 12: Sustaining Optimal Wellbeing


5) Re-do your Metrics & Questionnaires

6) Maintain progress...

Full Access to your Wellbeing People Account including all the videos, recipes & extra information for a year. 

Access to the Wellbeing People Community Facebook Group for added support and accountability. 

Ready to start?

Unsure on anything?

Contact me below...

Thanks for submitting!

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'I have spent the past 12 weeks looking at how to improve my general well being. This has been such a good programme learning how to improve my physical and mental health in a small group of people that have been so supportive and encouraging.

Jennie our mentor has been so instrumental in helping me to make positive changes for the better. As a result of the small changes that have slowly been introduced over the last 12 weeks I have found that it’s OK to say no, spend a few minutes in the day to focus on me, prioritise jobs for the day, introduce exercise and look at what I eat and drink.

This programme was never going to be a slimming programme but as a result of some changes I have made I have lost some weigh too. It's been the best program for me and I can't thank Jennie enough for her encouragement and guidance.'

Nicola, 2022.

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